• March 6, 2020
  • Oren Saar
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What is the first thought that strikes your mind when you see any leakage in roofs, pipes, windows? It might not be a big deal for you, but for another, it might be a minor heartache. Why? It is because in certain areas like Brooklyn, New York, mold grows at a fast rate. Then mold remediation in Brooklyn, NYC might seem hard.


The main reason behind the growth of mold is moisture. Generally, it grows on carpet, wall, insulation, upholstery, paints dust.Digging deep into the technicalities, the common mold types are CladosporiumPenicillium, and Aspergillus.

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Does mold only grow outdoors?

No, you can also find it inside your bedroom as well as on the wall of your kitchen. Why it has become so common? It is due to the increased usage of air conditioning systems.

What if my pet comes with mold on it?

It might become an oops situation for you very soon. Mold can be carried by pets too. You should give them a bath in case you find yourself under such circumstances.

Moreover, it can attach to shoes, clothing, wood products, ceiling tiles, cardboard, etc.

The drops of water damage the long island if infected with any type of mold.

Do all people get affected by mold?

Like the other health issues, it all depends on the immune system of a body. The same is the case with mold. The ones who have strong smelling power or are infectious to some kind of dust would catch soon as compared to others. The moldy and damp environments can cause the following problems in such people:

  1. Red/itchy eyes
  2. Stuffy nose
  3. Irritated skin

In the case of somebody suffering from asthma, then, continuously residing in a moldy environment may have adverse effects. Most commonly, daily wage workers who have to work on the field suffer the most. In addition to thesemolds can create severe reactions for the elderly, infants, people with chronic lung disease and people with cancer, liver disease.

Yes, it is important for us to control the spreading of mold. It should be on the priority if you have any patient from the above stated diseases. There are professional companies providing mold remediation in Brooklyn, NY. They are available to help you come out of this.

Get The Best Mold Removal Services

Indoor Mold Specialist is a mold remediation and mold removal company that offers professional services to take the problem of mold from the roots. Be it any type of mold and no matter how old it is, you will get satisfaction at the end.

Well-versed Professionals

All the service providers are well-trained and do their job with perfection. Their experience can be seen in their work. They assess the location in depth and find out all the areas which have been drained by mold.

We not only make your home and buildings mold-free but also prepare necessary tools, equipment, antimicrobial, HEPA Machines, Vacuums, Plastic sealants, etc.

Licensed Mold Remediation people at Indoor Mold Specialist Mold Remediation will treat your homes and buildings within New York City.

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