Mold can be very detrimental to your property whether it be your home or office. It not only makes your property look bad cosmetically, but also damages it from the inside. You easily locate its signs, as mold is usually visible and has a very musky odor. Sometimes, mold you can’t see mold through your naked eye but it sure does exist around you.

Mold can be harmful to your health and in case you have pets, it can be very dangerous for them as well. Also, people who suffer from breathing problems or have allergies to mold, it can be a serious health problem. In such a scenario, one best thing to do is keep your eyes and nose open to trace any symptoms of mold prevailing within your premises.

Here are some time-proven indications that will help you identify mold growth in your property:

Surface damage

Mold in their growing stages start to show their appearance on outer surfaces quickly. In most cases, appearances of the various surfaces like walls, wood, paint, and floors can help to find the mold signs clearly. Professionals always consider these factors while inspecting the damage in their first visit.

For instance, wood contaminated with mold will turn soggy in appearance and might warp in certain places. While on other surfaces like sheetrock, markings occur along with discoloration. Stains and paint flaking are also one of the most visible symptoms of mold growth.

Black spotting on the tiles

Bathroom tiles are easily infested by mold due to excess moisture and are in regular contact with water. It is the most favorable condition for mold to grow underneath the surface or between the tiles. Black spots are signs that mold is growing and you need professional help to get rid of it completely.

Adhesive Malfunctions

The adhesive is meant to make your walls and surface look better. In the presence of moisture, these adhesives lose its stickiness and start coming out. It is a sign that mold is growing in there and it can spread all over in no time if not treated immediately.

In this situation, an only trained technician can remove the mold without damaging the rest of the property. Indoor Mold Specialist has years of on hands experience dealing with such symptoms and removing the mold from its core. So if you see signs of mold growth, give us a call without further delay.