Air Duct Cleaning:

Air ducts are usually the part we tend to forget when thinking about Home Maintenance. We often forget how often they do need cleaning and maintenance. On average, air ducts traps almost 40lbs of Mold, dirt, dust, and allergens. The same dust and dirt that is trapped in the ducts get circulated in your home each time you use the air conditioner. This impure air is responsible for various respiratory conditions like asthma, coughing, etc.

What is included in the process of Air Duct Cleaning?

Initial inspection
Our technicians will arrive at your home and inspect the air ducts that need to be cleaned. Once our team has inspected which air ducts need to be cleaned, we will be able to select the suitable method that will be most appropriate for the type of problem that is faced by you.

By using a powerful HEPA-filtered vacuum, we will make sure that the furnace, evaporator coil and the vent covers are thoroughly cleaned. The dirt that is located deep inside the system is also pulled out.

Flushing compressed air
Once vacuuming has been done, we need to make sure that there are no traces of dirt or dust left behind. This is why we blow compressed air through the system to flush out any traces of dirt or dust out of the ductwork.

When should you get your air ducts clean?
When you notice the build-up of dirt and debris and as a result will be restricting the air flow and blocking the ventilation system. This is why cleaning the entire HVAC system will result in reducing electricity bills as well. Regular maintenance will also extend the life of the air conditioning/HVAC system by reducing the wear and tear placed upon the units.

Once the entire process of cleaning has been done our technicians will test the HVAC/Air Conditioning equipment to ensure it is free of Mold, Dust, Debris, and other contaminants.