Mold is the natural fungus that makes its way into your premises, sometimes without warning, and starts ruining your property’s health and eventually yours too. Areas where the environment is humid and has a lot of moisture, are more prone to mold infestation. Mold growth can be hazardous to your health in many ways. It can get into your breathing system causing you severe illness. Also, it spoils your furniture, walls or ceiling with its ugly appearance.

Mold testing helps you get the exact current condition of your house or property. Mold formation is sometimes visible and sometimes not. Hence, testing ensures that even the slightest mold in your property is not left unexamined and tested. Also, mold inspections reveal the growth proportion and amount of damage it has already made.

Being aware of this crucial information, you can save your property from harmful contamination. Mold testing involves collecting mold spores sample from the air, bulk sample, swab samples, and tape samples. Further, these samples are sent to our independent laboratory for various examinations to examine the fungi type, its danger, and growth rate. The test results help mold remediation technicians to make their action plan accordingly.

Based on the test results, the mold is treated properly and precautionary steps are taken to ensure it does not reappear. Mold testing is essential for every home or office to ensure a healthy living environment. Indoor mold species are difficult to spot until their growth has already deeply penetrated your surfaces, making a Do-It-Yourself repair nearly impossible. Therefore, hiring a professional to conduct a full mold inspection is the best way to find out what species of mold are lying in every corner of your living space.

Indoor Mold Specialist uses the latest technology to completely examine your property for mold growth. For more information regarding our Mold Inspection procedure, click on “Mold Inspection” under “services”. So, whenever you smell any musty smell from your property, reach out to us for best mold testing in New York City and let us provide you with a very thorough inspection so you can be rest assured knowing exactly what you are dealing with.